Business Plan

A Plan to Develop & Build a Luxury Country House Hotel
in County Sligo, Ireland

January 1, 2016

Partnership & Investment Considered


Contact: Conn O'Scannlain, CTC, DS
Conn O'Scannlain LLC
Address: P. O. Box 1131
Tacoma, WA 98401
Telephone: 253 752 0448

Description: To build a luxury country house hotel, on an 18 acre fully landscaped site,with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The location is in the southern part of County Sligo in the beautiful northwest of the Irish Republic with the infrastructure of Sligo and Knock Airports, Ballymote rail station - each serviced by Hertz Rent a Car and the continuing improvement of road system makes this an IDEAL location for this up-market accommodation.

The economic impact of this development to the local area will be sizeable. The hotel will sponsor several of the local institutions: The Church of the Sacred Heart, Bunnanaddan, Bunnanadden National School, Bunnanaddan Community Center, the Bunnanaddan GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Club, among many that will benefit. The sponsorship will provide needed funds for these entities. The hotel guests will be made aware of our community commitment and be encouraged to also sponsor them.

Its location in the northwest of Ireland makes it an ideal place for past visitors to Ireland to come as most first time visitors usually limit their visit to the east, southeast and southwest of Ireland. Using Sligo as a tour base for a return visit will provide the guest a different experience that they had on their first visit. Aside from the local historic and megalithic sites there are activities for the golfer and fisherman. The hotel base is also good for excursions farther afield such as Galway, Westport, Cong, Donegal and even Northern Ireland.

Full Planning Permission was granted by the Sligo County Council in August 2008 and extended in 2012. The permission expires in August of 2018. Click here to see order

Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


Ballynaraw Country House Hotel is located 1/4 mile from the village of Bunnanaddan, 5 miles from the towns of Ballymote and Tubbercurry, and 20 miles south of Sligo Town. The driving time from Dublin Airport is about 3.5 hours, from Shannon Airport is 3 hours. We will have an arrangement with Enfield Coaches to provide vehicles ranging from Mercedes sedan, luxury minivans and 22 seater luxury motorcoaches to be available to incorporate touring and activity transportation for the hotel guests.

If they arrive by train or by air the hotel courtesy vehcile will meet them and transfer them to the hotel. If they arrive by car or motorcoach they will park in the village of Bunnanaddan and be met by the hotel courtesy vehicle and transferred to the hotel. From the time that the guest is met and transported in our luxury courtesy vehicle they will enjoy a personalized service that will let them know they made the right choice in selecting Ballinaraw Country House Hotel.

Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


As they enter the estate the entrance road rises to open up a spectacular view, to the north, of the Sligo countryside with views of Knocknarea, Knocknashee and Ben Bulben, all impressive table top mountains with a wealth of mythology attached. Looking to the south they will see a prefectly preserved earthen 'ring fort' dating to the mediaeval period. A path from the hotel allows them to wander up there at their leisure. Once there they will have a 360 degree view of the countryside!

The Country House Hotel is a ‘destination’ property providing full four star+ service and amenities and catering to the international guest who will stay for a minimum of two to three days. With an initial capacity of 10 bedrooms, catering to a maximum of 20 persons, the Country House Hotel lends itself to a very personal, intimate experience for the guest. The amenities provided to the guests include two relaxing lounges with spectacular views of countryside, a fine dining restaurant with a world class chef, and a relaxing spa to relieve their tensions. In the Fall and Winter months the guests may also avail of the Cooking School as this will be marketed separately as well. Ballinaraw Country House will be a destination property that will be a place where guests can relax for a few days, admire the spectacular views, enjoy the finest of cuisine and personal service. The guestrooms will face to the north with a commanding view of 30 miles of County Sligo's spectacular landscape. The amenties will be of a high luxury standard with all the room amenities expected by the guest. Business guests will be able to conduct their conferences and meetings is a 'private' atmosphere with full service facilites available. A courtesy shuttle will allow them to enjoy the nearby small village of Bunanaddan. (1/4 mile away) and the outstanding megalithic monuments and our own 'ring fort' dating to the medieval period. Within a radius of 30 miles the guests will be able to explore and experience two championship golf courses, excellent fishing,numerous historical and impressive geological sites and a variety of entertainment venues. Every effort will be made to provide the best of experiences available in Ireland.


    Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


    As it is situated on a hillside the entrance will be on the Upper Ground Floor. The entrance is on the uphill side to maximize the impressive views as the guest enters the hotel. Upon entering the guest will be impressed with the large Reception area and the 'through view' of the Sligo countryside from the commanding position over the valley. The amount of natural daylight will be noticed. On their left they will enter a glassed lounge where they can relax by the fire and admire both the view of the valley and the distant mountains but also the uphill view of the medieval earthen ring fort. Leaving the lounge they can walk down the corridor, with windows giving them an uphill view, to the first floor bedrooms. Entering their bedroom they will be impressed with the generous size of the room and again the commanding view of the valley and the surrounding countryside. The full floor to ceiling window and glass French door opens on to a private covered balcony. The bedroom furnishings will include a king size bed which can be converted into two separate single beds. Plenty of drawer space to unpack for their stay and generous closet space to hang up their clothes. The bathroom will have a glass wall that allows the natural daylight in but discreetly provides privacy. Bathtub and walk in shower will be standard.

    Returning to the lobby and Reception area there is a choice of taking the lift (elevator) down to the Ground Floor or walking down the wooden Celtic staircase enclosed in a stone tower with large windows to admire the view as they descend. After alighting from the last step the room opens up into a large lounge with a fireplace and large glass windows providing a panoramic view of the valley and the distant mountains and the countryside. To the west of the lounge is the dining room with full glass windows to admire the view while enjoying the best of cuisine. A fireplace will provide the ambient warmth for the dinner service. Public toilets are directly off the lounge. The Manager's office is next to that. The kitchens area is to the west of the toilets.

    On the Ground Floor just off the lounge is a full fitted Spa providing a wide range of spa and health treatments for the guest. There are men's and women's changing rooms. Continuing down the corridor are bedrooms on the left, (same as the floor above but with covered patio instead of a balcony. Across from the bedrooms is a large meeting/function room that can be divided into two sections. It will be able to handle at least 20 persons in comfortable theatre seating. A storage closet will hold the equipment needed to put on most presentations including projection capability. Tables and chairs for conference style meetings are also there. To the east of the function room will be an outside area for folks to take a fresh air break without having to go back through the lobby entrance.


      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


      As we are a DESTINATION hotel,there will be NO public clients (i.e. - non-residents using a public bar, tourists stopping in for tea and sandwiches, etc.). It will be strictly for prebooked guests. Length of stay of each guest will be two or more nights. The dining room will be hotel guests and prebooked dinner guests. The atmosphere will be that of a private country house for the exclusive enjoyment of the pre-booked guests.

      Prebooked Dinner Guests: We will offer a prebooked evening dinner service whereby those guests from the local area would be picked-up at their residences and returned there after dinner. This would allow us to retain the PRIVATE feel of the country house and offer the resident guests an opportunity to enjoy meeting folks from the local community. This would minimize traffic on the road and provide an alternative 'night out' for the local community with no impact on the neighboring land owners.

      Small groups for EXCLUSIVE use: Part of our marketing strategy will be to encourage companies to have their senior executive conferences as they will have exclusive use of the hotel, that means they can use all of the facilites, use of the conference room, arrange special catering or dining. The high standard of personal service and the intimte size of the hotel along with its spectacular panorama views will provide a highly productive environment for their meetings. If spouses are involved daily excursions to Sligo town, Donegal town or Galway city can be provided.

      Small Weddings: Our defintion of 'small' is a wedding party of 20 - 30 maximum persons. The hotel will be provided for EXCLUSIVE use by the wedding party. To facilitate the wedding guests we will provide private vehicle transportation from the church, residences, other accommodation and return. This provides a reasonable safety from driving after drinking alcohol. A safe celbration is what we will provide.

      Cooking School: During the months of October through April, the hotel will operate a Cooking School taking advantage of the skills ot our resident chef who will be of a high reputation. The school will operate on a 4 day three night package to include meals and tuition.

      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


      As the hotel will be as close to a 5 star standard of service, accommodation and cuisine, the guests will be drawn from the the mid to upper end of the travel market. The marketing emphasis will be to the United States market and to the mid to upper market client. Conn O'Scannlain, with 35 years of experience of marketing tours to Ireland has identified the market for the Country House Hotel: luxury market end clientele, travel agents and tour operators who specialize in selling Ireland will be the initial source of marketing.

      A US marketing company that reaches both high end travel agents and small group coorporate clients will feature the Country House Hotel in their tour series and include it in their proposals for self drive and private tour clientele. The minimum stay would be two nights on a dinner, bed & breakfast basis.

      The small tour group, incentive group, executive meeting group will be cultivated and will form the core of the target market for the Country House Hotel. A relationship is currently being established with a private corporate jet company, Net Jets, that provide 10 - 12 passenger private aircraft to they clients. The proximity of two airports within 20 minutes drive from the Country House Hotel make this an ideal marketing target.

      There are many traditional marketing avenues that may also be contemplated such as the Be Our Guest hotel guide, Manor House Hotels membership, Blue Book membership, Best Loved Hotels membership and Preferred Hotels membership. These have their positive and negative aspects and will be studied as a possible additional marketing area.

      The Cookery School have both American clients (primarily), however there is a domestic Ireland market for this type of product. After studying other cookery schools we have found that high demand exists within Ireland and waiting lists as far as 6 months out are common. This may be a ‘day’ client or packaged with accommodation for the longer stay client/guest.

      The Hotel Dining Room will also have a local clientele, by reservation only, this is reflected in the Hotel P&L excel document. This will be primarily on weekends.

      The Conference Room will be adaptable to group sizes up to 30 persons. This has both an American and Ireland domestic marketing potential. American corporate clients can bring their spouses to enjoy the hotel services, including spa treatments and cookery school, while the executive conference is underway. Lunch and dinner would be expected for these guests. Local attractions of Golf, fishing, historic and megalithic sites would be included and charged accordingly. Since the Country House Hotel will cater to American clients, they will be also be provided opportunities to sightsee, golf, fish and shop in the Sligo area.

      The Hotel Spa will be marketed primarily to hotel guests and treatments packaged along with accommodation and meals.

      This marketing plan will be further developed over the next few months and active marketing will begin when the construction contract is signed. It is anticipated that by the time the hotel is ready for occupancy a majority of capacity will have been booked for the first year.

      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


      An Irish corporation will be created called Ballinaraw Country House Ltd. it will be the contracting entity that will build the hotel. A US corporation will be created called Ballinaraw Country House Inc. The US company will raise investment of no more than 20% of the development cost. An investment package will be offered within Ireland using the prevailing government tax advantaged investment scheme. This will represent 30% of the development cost. The remaining 50% will be provided by bank financing through an Irish bank.

      A cash flow forecast has been prepared and is available for view here:

      Look at the P&L Forecast Summary

      Look at the Overall Profit & Loss

      Look at the Non-Accommodation Revenue

      Look at the Accommodation Revenue

      Look at the Non-Accommodation Revenue

      Look at the Rooms Division Payroll

      Look at the Rooms Division Fixed Overhead

      Look at the Rooms Division P&L

      Look at the Food & Beverage Division Payroll

      Look at the Food & Beverage Division P&L

      Look at the Food & Beverage Division Fixed Overhead

      Look at the Administrative Division Fixed Overhead

      Look at the Administrative Division Payroll

      Look at the Administrative Division P&L

      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


      We have put together a team lead by the architect firm
      and received the professional advice and support of
      the following professionals.
      Many of them have been involved from the
      start and others were consulted as needed.

      Local Government Advice:
      Sligo County Council
      Magaret Gormley
      Councillor for Bunnanadden, County Sligo

      Trevor James
      Lewis Rhatigan
      Rhatigan & Company Architects
      Sligo, County Sligo

      Solictors: County Sligo
      Eamonn Gallagher
      Rochford & Gallagher
      Ballymote & Tubbercurry, County Sligo

      Solictors: Dublin
      Michelle Doyle
      McCann Fitzgerald

      Financial Advice
      Colin Ledwith, Commercial Manager
      Ulster Bank
      Sligo, County Sligo

      Investment Advice
      Richard Maguire
      O'Donovan Caufiled Lavin
      Limerick, County Limerick

      John Downey
      J D Computers

      Cash Flow Forecast
      Clement Gleeson
      Hotel Management Consultant
      Thurles, County Tipperary

      Operational Advice
      George Finnegan
      Hotel Management Consultant
      Galway, County Galway

      Clement Gleeson
      Hotel Management Consultant
      Thurles, County Tipperary

      Land Valuation:
      Martin McGettrick
      McGettrick & McGettrick
      Ballymote, County Sligo

      Engineers: Traffic
      Kevin Walsh
      Breathnach Engineering Consultants
      Tubbercurry, County Sligo

      Engineers: Consultant & Project Management
      John Diffley
      GGPI (Gabbitas Partnership International)
      Sligo, County Sligo

      Contractors - Builders Proposal Advice

      Sisk Contractors
      Sligo, County Sligo

      L & M Keating Building & Contractors
      Kilmihill, County Clare

      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality


      I would like to recognize those colleagues of mine within the Ireland tourism industry and especially those that are some of the best hoteliers in Ireland! They have provided invaluable advice is helping me design the hotel and especially the overall style and philospohy of the hotel. They have also provided encouragement and objective advice.

      Maurice Keller
      Arlington Lodge
      Waterford, County Waterford

      Victor Mulchay
      The Greenbrier Inn
      Lahinch, County Clare

      Marie O'Connor
      Lough Inagh Lodge
      Recess, Connemara, County Galway

      Brian O'Dowd
      St. Ernan's House Hotel
      Donegal, County Donegal

      Clement Gleeson
      National Sales Manager
      Days Hotels Ireland

      Sean Boland
      Sales Manager/Director
      Hertz Car Rental
      Wexford, County Wexford

      Personalized - Luxurious - Comprehensive - Quality

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